Choosing the Ideal Custom Medals Supplier

There are different types of awards in the market, so selecting the perfect item can be challenging. The right choice for your situation will depend on factors such as the preference and the type of event. One of the most valued award designs is the medal. This is a flat and small piece of metal shaped as a round or ovoid object. The surface is fabricated to display images and inscriptions related to the awarding system. Read More 

Repairing an Old Plaster Picture Frame

Many antique picture frames featured corner markings and adornments that were added to the wooden frame to give a stylish look. Over time the plaster will degrade, and many picture frames look to be in a state of disrepair because of this. It is possible to restore the plaster, and give the whole frame a new lease of life. This article looks at the process involved when restoring an antique plaster frame. Read More